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 We play Rock and Roll of all types 

at Bars, Clubs, Wine Festivals, Carnivals, Reunions and Private Parties

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July 4, 2022 - Gettysburg Rec Park

Latest News


Get your CD!

We still have some CDs so come see us soon to get yours! They're only $6 for six original songs! Hope to see you soon! We will be playing on Saint Patrick's Day at the Battlefield Brew Works!

CD is being pressed!

The CD "This Time Around" is getting closer to becoming a reality! We ordered 100 of them and they should arrive in a few weeks! We're not sure when we'll have an official release, but we will have them in our hands by the middle of February!! 

Can't wait to get them out there!

CD Update

We received our new mixes of our songs from the recording engineer! Now we're listening to them and coming up with the order to put them in for the CD! It is slow progress, but we'll have some CD manufactured soon! 

Look for announcements on the website, newsletter and Facebook!

Still Rockin'!

We have another outdoor show coming up on Friday, September 22, 2017 at Fall Jam.

After that, we have nothing scheduled for the rest of the year! That could change; especially when we get our CD finished!

We have all of the tracks recorded and it is being mixed. Once that is done, we send it to production. Stay tuned here to find out when this thing will be released. Working title is, "This Time Around". We hope to have a CD release party! If so, you can find out here and on Facebook!

CD will be coming!

We have done some recording and the songs are currently being mixed and engineered. We hope to have a CD out soon with our originals on it! Stay tuned!

We have a pretty busy schedule this summer with outdoor shows and festivals. Come and see us when you can!

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